On April 1, 2012, a user named DracoSwordMaster was given access to the admin panel by former forum moderator Leeav, who also stated himself that this entire event was all of his fault, and caused what would be the Roblox's Website the most devistating hack in roblox history.

The precursor to the event was a forum discussion that arose into an argument between Minish, who is actually just DracoSwordMaster seizing control over the account, and Merely, who were arguing about money and the economy of ROBLOX. Minish bought Merely's famous Domino Crown afterwards, which was (at the time) Merely's personal favorite. The forums exploded with threads in minutes, and as a result, the two were each given bans. This also led to Merely temporarily quitting roblox.

Soon after, users Pheedy and are17, both accounts under the control of DracoSwordMaster, became moderators, and used their admin powers to unban Minish. The prices of hats in the catalog dropped tremendously, and players on the site were stuck in two possible situations; one being undeservedly earning ROBUX constantly, and the later having their ROBUX lost. The warning banner for the top of the site would flutter in chaos, changing colors and bestowing objectionable content, examples being "thank you minish for messing up the economy. nub." and "always share your passwords with strangers, kids!"

After some time, Pheedy and are17 had received access to the admin panel. They began to imprint obscene content on the forums. Hats would be released by the minute, often with only two in stock for the price of R$1. People soon lost control of their accounts.

Some of the names of the hats were changed, examples such as, Explosive Hair being changed to Rocket Hair, Hooded Spacelord was changed to Noob Hood, and Mementero Mori to Candle Skull.

Soon after, they used banners displayed across the site to write messages, examples being "Haha these are so funny lets go spam the forums about them :D", "Remember kids tell your parents to vote Ron Paul" and "Yo gonna give a shout out to the homies in dah hood". They also added a warning banner saying "im the annoying orange banner. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

DracoSwordMaster created and released a new face called 'c:'. It can be found here.

Another face called "hai guize derp" was released on Roblox. It can be found here. The ID is 76385103.

1dev2 was many of the accounts that was hacked during this event. After the event, Roblox temporarily granted 1dev2 access to his account, in which he uncopylocked Welcome to the town of robloxia, then he was terminated again.

After all this activity had occurred, ROBLOX staff brought the site offline, reporting they were still attempting to patch up the currency system. Administrators John Shedletsky and Matt Dusek had discovered a way to regress the everything that happened, and once the entire system was restored to its previous form, all the accounts that were tampered with were permanently banned, including DracoSwordMaster, and the "c:" face was pulled from the catalog.

While the site was shut down, it said, "The site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon!" When the site was opened again, all of the hats' names were back to normal, and the banners were removed.


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