In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a function so if you press a key (e.g Z) a function occurs.

Getting started

First, insert a LocalScript into StarterGui. It should look like this: StarterGui - LocalScript


Now lets say we want the code to make it so when you press the Q key, a message pops up saying, "Hello!" To make that work, insert the following code:

player = script.Parent.Parent
mouse = player:GetMouse()
debounce = false
function message(key)
    if (key == "q") then
      if debounce == false then
       debounce = true
       local message ="Message",player.PlayerGui)
        message.Name = "HiMessage"
         message.Text = "Hello!"
           debounce = false

Now what does all of that do! Well, basically, the debounce makes sure you cannot spam it. the player defines the player and the mouse gets the player's mouse. If you press the Q key, the message should pop up.

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